You are the Star of this Fairytale

Become the stuff of your wildest dreams; here, there be forest spirits, warlocks, goddesses, warriors, empresses. See yourself through the eyes of a fine artist.

Fantasy Portraiture

Fine Art Photograph of a woman in a black witch dress and ornate vine and leaf headpiece lying on the leaf covered ground surrounded by spellbooks and candles

For cosplayers, lovers of fantasy, dungeons and dragons players, and other grown up who don't believe in growing up!
Go beyond buying a piece of generic, manufactured art for your walls... become the star!

​ I will transform you into a fairy tale character for a fantasy themed piece of art, and together we will tell your story in a visual feast of artwork.

I am a full service luxury photographer, specializing in printed art. Commissioning a portrait series is very similar to purchasing one of my paintings, just in this case the medium I am using is photography. This session is all about crafting a work of fine art, which involves thinking of every detail.

This is the perfect time to showcase a fantasy outfit you've been developing, or the most special pieces from your wardrobe, or even to purchase that dream piece from your favorite fantasy couture designer just for your session. We can also make a surprising amount happen with a relatively simple wardrobe.

This is your time to shine

Fantasy Session

Fantasy Session Fee: $250

This session has the greatest variance of what the session will look like and include, based on the concept you wish to explore. For some concepts, the goal might be only a few masterpiece images, while others might tell a story to fill an entire album. Either is doable!

The session fee includes:

  • No obligation pre-consultation and planning session
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • In-Studio or On Location, or a mix of both
  • Approximately 2 hours of time in front of the camera
  • Retouching and creative editing on the select gallery of finished images
  • Access to the studio closet and prop collection

Your gallery reveal and ordering appointment takes place approximately one week later. For concepts that entail an extensive amount of hand-painted finishing touches, the gallery reveal may happen as much as a month later.

Final Images are sold separately.

Travel for special locations is an option that can be discussed by contacting me.

Fantasy Session - The Artwork

At your gallery reveal and ordering appointment, you will be able to view your final images and choose from beautiful mounted prints, framed wall art, canvas wall art, and luxury photo albums. The amount you choose to invest is completely up to you; you only buy what you love! Most clients invest between $1000 and $5000 on a collection of their favorite artwork to display and enjoy in their home.

I include a web-sized digital file for every image purchased in print, so don't worry, you'll be able to show off your story on social media!

Payment plans are available.