Who is Behind All This?

Close up portrait of artist and photographer Kelsey Byram.

Born under the stars of Scorpio, in the year of the Dragon, I dream of living in an ancient, moss-covered castle, wearing flowing dresses and wielding a sword.

Kelsey Byram

Hello! I'm Kelsey Byram, a Fine Art photographer based out of the Greater Kansas City Area. I am passionate about creating an Otherworld of beauty, drama, and mysticism, with photography as one of the mediums in which I express my art. My style aims to weave a story through the use of dramatic and natural movement instead of formal posing, and vivid, bold true to life colors instead of trendy filters.

I am a professional artist with a Fine Arts Degree from the Kansas City Art Institute and 15 years of experience in Digital Photography (with film photography before that!). My clients trust me to give each art commission the full depths of my experience, passion, and connection.

I've always been an odd duckling. Otherworldly, sensual visual feasts have been a core part of my identity for as long as I can remember. Dance, theater, art, and fantasy were early passions for me, and when I came to Kansas City you could say I "descended into the Underworld" of alternate communities: fire spinners, bellydancers, Pagans, sideshow entertainers, circus artists, and magicians. I love it! My other business is performing with my husband as Tricks of the Light.

In my mind, performance and art are exquisitely intertwined. There is art in performance, and performance in making art. This was my philosophy throughout art school - I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from the Kansas City Art Institute.​​

I demand magic and beauty in this life, so I set about creating it for myself, transforming the world around me into an ephemeral Otherworld.

Kelsey Byram