Frequently Asked Questions


Because you are gorgeous and unique, and you are worth it, right here, right now. No matter who we are, we have all had society's programming beating our body image down. A boudoir shoot is a celebration of YOU through a private photo experience.

Who to give them to? These are for YOU! If you have a special someone in your life that is going to get a gift out of this as well, lucky them!

You don't need to worry whether you think you know how to "act sexy." A boudoir session is specifically meant for women who don't have modeling experience! One of the benefits of hiring me is the head-to-toe posing instruction. It's my job to make you look good!

You will need to bring 4-5 complete looks that fit your body and personal style. This includes lingerie, robes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. If you don't have any pretty lingerie yet, don't worry! You will find an abundance of resources in our Lingerie Guide to give you wardrobe inspiration and guide you to both online and local stores to fit all budgets. We go over wardrobe styling at your pre-consultation, and I am available as a resource to talk styling anytime leading up to your session!

Our "Divinity" Experience comes with access to the Client Closet, which has a selection of bodysuits, robes, teddies, and jewelry.

There will be an option at the viewing session to purchase images a la carte, but most of my clients find that they love so many of the images that they have to have them all!

Only if you want them to be! My online portfolio is from model calls (people who got a discounted session fee in exchange for signing a model release) and people who so wanted the images to be seen by the world that they signed a model release. You are under no pressure or obligation EVER to put your images up online.

There are many boudoir photographers who do maintain a woman-only space. While the term "boudoir" technically originally referred specifically to a woman's bedchamber, I believe boudoir photography has grown in meaning to encompass intimate or sensual photography in general.

Boudoir is for all genders, solo or with partners.

I can absolutely respect why many photographers insist on a woman-only service, however the tendency of photographers to focus solely on cis-gendered women neglects to account for the possibility of helping all other genders feel comfortable and sexy in their skins.
Men shine in a boudoir setting...and I don't mean as self-deprecating "dudoir." Men have body issues that are even less talked and frequently less supported than women (after all, I can tell my girlfriends that their butts look GREAT and nobody bats an eyelash. Men rarely have similar social suport structures). Men can absolutely benefit from the experience of vulnerability and self-acceptance.
Just as importantly, there is also couple's boudoir, which can range from sweet and romantic to sensual and steamy.
I also openly support the LGBQTIA+ Community and polyamorous people, and am happy to talk with you about how to personalize a session for your needs. Long story short? All are welcome here.

There is often a misconception that Boudoir is erotica, but the two are not the same. While I am also happy to photograph erotica style images if requested and discussed ahead of time, there are extra terms and conditions involved and I reserve the right to refuse that service.

Just like most other professionals, I work regular weekday hours. My weekends are for my family. If it is literally impossible to have weekday availability, weekend sessions can be made available for an additional $250 weekend fee.

Fantasy & Fine Art

The short answer is, Fine Art Photography is exactly like when I paint a painting on canvas, just in this case, the medium I am using is photography.
The long answer is:
There is no single definition of what "Fine Art Photography" means, so what follows is my personal definition. While art is open to everyone of all skill levels and should be inclusive, Fine Art is the professional category of art, in that it takes skill, education, and intention. If we think about the history of art, there is a dichotomy of art present in, say, an art museum, based on the intention of the creator. Did they INTEND to make Fine Art? There is art that was made by craftsmen for the everyday (i.e. ancient pottery, jewelry, etc), or for ritual or spiritual purposes (religious statues, sarcophagus), or otherwise made without both meaning/concept and the intention of being displayed as Fine Art. While these pieces absolutely belong in the category of art, they aren't Fine Art. Then there is the art that the artist thought up a concept for or purpose behind (i.e. just to be beautiful), and intended to be displayed as Fine Art (Monet's water lilies, commissioned portraits of nobility, the allegorical paintings of Goya). So to me, Fine Art Photography follows the same rules - the photo must be taken by a highly skilled professional, with pre-conceived intention and concept, and also meant to be displayed. So a quick family portrait session taken by a shoot-and-burn photographer without great skill or education, without any consultation or concept, while intended to be displayed, doesn't constitute Fine Art. Likewise, a quick snapshot without concept or intention taken even by a talented Fine Art Photographer isn't fine art just because that artist took the photo.

The session fee only covers the cost of the session itself. All images, whether digital or print products, are sold separately after the session. You get to choose from a selection of beautiful canvas wall art, heirloom framed wall art prints, luxury photo albums, or classy mat boxes.

You will need to have the "core" wardrobe piece, i.e. dress or pants and top, because sizing and fit varies too widely for me to accomodate. I have a great costuming resource guide in my client welcome packet that can help you find couture or custom fantasy wardrobe pieces. Since many of these pieces are expensive and may have limited use to you after the photoshoot, I do offer a discount on print and digital products worth half the price of the garment if you donate the garment to the Client Closet after the session. (i.e. if you purchase a $600 gown and donate it after the session, you get $300 in product credit). This does have to be discussed with me ahead of the session to be sure it is a piece that I can use in the client closet.
I do have a select few wardrobe pieces available for use in my client closet (mostly size small to medium), as well as headdresses, wings, jewelry, and masks.

My specialty is in the realm of fantasy/otherworldly/mystical art. If you want traditional studio portraiture, I believe you would be better served by a studio that specializes in that.

This will vary greatly depending on your end goal. With the fantasy portraiture, it's not uncommon that the client is looking for one single wall art portrait, much like having a single painting commissioned of themselves. This may take less than the average 2 hours of camera time, depending on the concept. Some concepts may take longer if the goal is to fill an album much like a fairytale storybook, or much longer if the concept requires travel to a special location.

We will proof images the same day as the session to determine which images will receive my full editing and creative retouching process. Only the selected images will be worked on and the rest will be discarded. The earliest you will see completed Fine Art Images is two weeks after the session, or longer if extensive hand-painting or compositing is required.